Ballroom Dancing is one of the few sports that you can exercise your mind and body at the same time. In this activity you can meet new friends and develop new skills. As well as all the above you do these while holding a person of the opposite gender in your arms.

How many times have you been out to a function and had to sit all night because either you or your partner couldn't dance? Too many I suppose. Or you are watching a couple dancing and you have said to yourself "I wish I could dance like that!"

Well it's not too late. Now is the time to join us to learn and have fun. Now you're going to tell me you have three left feet and could not possibly learn to dance? Well if you can walk then I can teach you to dance... Dancing is like walking all you have to do is learn the different patterns. "It's TRUE."

Just come along and see how easy it really is. Our friendly and qualified teachers will make you feel at home and there will no embarrassment as we are all learning together. Look forward to seeing you there...Contact Info and Venue are listed on the contact page.